1. Research Focus


■ Sub-threshold circuit design for ultra low-power bio-medical applications

■ Embedded memory design for digital signal processors

■ Low-power MIMO/OFDM baseband processor design

■ VLSI implementation of error correction codes (ECC) for high speed PCRAM/DRAM interfaces

■ Design of robot vision processor for supporting multiple camera operations

■ Priority (Sensitivity) based low-power/variation-tolerant digital signal processing

■ Efficient interface design of embedded memory (SRAM) for low power MPEG/H.264 applications

■ Memory based computation of cryptography processor design

■ Timing/Freq. offset synchronizer design for vehicle to vehicle communication

■ Low power image processing design for advanced mobile vision applications

   <A low power image processing chip : PD/HDR companion ASIC design>

System block.png 

<Module functional description>

- MIPI bridge: transferring frame data serially by MIPI CSI-2 format

Pixel receiver/pixel transmitter: parallel image synchronizer for internal clock & frame size

Image processing IP:

    • PDPR module: performing recovery of PD-pixel

    • HDR module: expending pixel range and dynamic tone mapping

    • PDAF module: module for automatic focus adjustment

- System controller and ARM core: controller of overall system and command receiver from external AP chip 


- 16M pixel data(3000 x 5344, raw 10bit)

- Up to 100MHz internal clock

- MIPI CSI-2 interface

- I2C interface

- AXI bus

- Configurable mode initialization through ARM

- Project Demo Video


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